Love to Trail Ride?

For those of us who enjoy being out on the trails with our horses, there’s no better gift than the opportunity to ride in beautiful country on well maintained and safe trails. Camden Hunt Country is such a place. If you are not a member of the Camden Hunt but would like permission to ride this land, please join us as a ‘Friend of Hunt Country’.

Why do you need to join? All of Hunt Country is privately owned. The landowners graciously allow The Camden Hunt the use of their land and in exchange, the Hunt bears several responsibilities. We are to monitor rider access and ensure that all riders sign a release form before riding on this land. We are to maintain the trails, jumps and water crossings. We are to cooperate with the land owners’ management plans since much of this land is used for timbering. This is an expensive and energy consuming effort, as you can imagine. When you join as a ‘Friend’ you help us with this effort, while you enjoy this great riding country.

Thank you and Happy Trails to you all.
The Masters of the Camden Hunt

Contact Information:
The Camden Hunt, PO Box 2285, Camden SC 29020

How to Join
Please send $200 to The Camden Hunt indicating your wish to become a ‘Friend’. This is an annual fee that starts the month of your check being received. When you join as a ‘Friend’, you will be required to sign a release form and be asked to carry an ‘Annual Riding Pass’ when you ride. You will also receive a list of Guidelines for Riding in Hunt Country that we ask you to follow to ensure rider safety and the protection of the land. You may ride as often as you wish, except on those mornings that the Hunt is foxhunting. These dates are published on our website. Professional Lesson Barn Memberships are available.

Guest Riders
If you do not ride more than 5 times a year in Hunt Country, you are not required to become a ‘Friend’, but may ride as a non member guest. You must sign in at one of the NON MEMBER SIGN IN boxes that are located at each of the official entry points into Hunt Country. There you will sign a release form, leave a $10 fee (check or cash) and receive a Day Riding Pass that you will carry for the day. Guests must sign in before each ride, even if they have done so before.