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Celebration Series Hunter Pace
THANK YOU to all competitors that came out and gave our hunter pace course a whirl. We're happy to report that no one got lost, or missed a turn this year. We enjoyed having you and hope to see you at our next fun event!
  • 1st Flight
  • 1st- team 058 - Jane Kirby, Martha La Roche, Nina Gowl & Sharon Jones
  • 2nd- team 043 - Doake Wolfe and Mary Desportes
  • tie: Sydney and Kevin Conto
  • 3rd- team 955 - Sara Katz, Mary Farnell, Lara Watts and Kevin Tobin
  • 4th- team 041 - Nicola Bolt, Rebecca Kim
  • 5th team 829 - Eliza Edwards
  • 6th team 013 - Susannah Pask, Tia Shaw, Laurence Kurlano
  • 2nd Flight
  • 1st- team 047 - Julie Taylor and Claire Mcelveen
  • 2nd- team 016 - Katie Truesdale and Marla Torrence
  • 3rd- team 019 - Kitty Farnell, Susan O'neil, Ruth Morton
  • 4th- team 859 - Collen Burkott, Eileen Branch, Amy Cantey
  • 5th team 933
    Julie Bowers, Heather Conder and Gus Conder
  • 6th team 928 - Mary Reames and Mary Evelyn Bowers
  • 3rd Flight
  • 1st- team 040 - Carol Barnett and Jessica Reeves
  • 2nd- team 055 - Jan Reynolds and Kit Turner
  • 3rd- team 028 - Voxton Farm
  • 4th- team 031 - Voxton Farm
  • 5th- team 916 - Susan Cisco and Jean Bickles
  • 6th- team 004 - Lee Stapleton and Eleanor Johnson
  • Our wonderful volunteers this year:
  • Registration - Jennifer Fox, Kathy Jamieson, Sue Sensor, Richard Osworth
  • Lunch - Caroline Coxe, Joanne Schwartz, Effie, Ellis, Kimberlee Neel
  • Timers - Bruce Neel, Nick Ellis
  • Midway Check - Salley and Michael McInerney, Julie Magee
  • Course - Melissa Rice
  • Flag clean up - Julie Magee and Robin Nickerson
109th Camden Hunt Horse Show
  • A/O Hunter:
    Plan B- Cindy Wood

    Reserve: Rain- Joanna Heaton
  • Open Hunter:
    Joy- Caitie Gibbs
    Frosty- Carol Stevens
  • Green Hunter:
    Easy Twist- April Ferral
    Enjoy the Show- Sara Katz
  • Children's/Adult Hunter:
    Divero- Mary Evelyn Bowers
    French Fry- Porter Laney
  • Family Class:
    Boucher Family
  • Hilltopper Hunters:
    Princeton- Cathy Gomez
    After Sunset- Nina Gowl & Ramble Rose- Sara Katz
  • Handy Hunter:
    Diamond Drive- Sara Katz
  • Low Hunter:
    Silver Lining- Callie Cox
    Strickly Business- Madison Bradley
  • Hunter Derby:
    Frosty- Carol Stevens
  • S.C. Clyburn Champion:
    Frosty- Carol Stevens
  • Most Improved Junior:
    Alyse King
  • Open Hunter:
    Karrats & Kisses - Mary Boucher, Why Not Bop - Mell Boucher
  • Green Hunter:
    Go Zone - Sydney Conto, Fizz - Mell Boucher
  • Children/Adult Hunter:
    French Fry - Porter Laney, Foreman - Sydney Conto
  • Family Class:
    Boucher Family
  • Hilltoppers:
    Asher - Hallie Geddings,
    Foxhaven’s Michaelangelo - Kirsten Naylor

  • Low Hunter:
    Karrats & Kisses - Mary Boucher, Scenic - Mary Dixon
  • Hunter Derby:
    French Fry - Porter Laney
  • Handy Hunter Champion:
    Karrats & Kisses - Mary Boucher
  • S.C. Clyburn Champion:
    Why Not Bop - Mel Boucher
  • Most Improved Junior:
    Hallie Geddings
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81st Annual Hunter Trials
  • Junior Hunter: Silver Lining- Callie Cox

  • Amateur/Owner: Is Everybody Happy - Wendy Hill

  • Green Hunter: Is Everybody Happy - Wendy Hill

  • Low Hunter: Silver Lining - Callie Cox

  • Open Hunter: Root Beer Float - Mel Boucher

  • Hilltopper Hunter Hack: Go Zone - Sydney Conto

  • Hunter Hack: Tinker Toy - Grace Piasecki

  • Hilltopper Hunter: Go Zone - Sydney Conto

  • Pairs Under Saddle:
    Coal Train- Alison Suber
    Zoey - Chelsea Miley

  • Pairs Over Fences:
    Root Beer Float - Mel Boucher
    Carolina Shrimp & Grits - Leigha Crisp

  • Hunt Teams:
    Root Beer Float - Mel Boucher
    Karats & Kisses - Mary Boucher
    Leather & Lace - Lacey Thompson

  • Handy Hunter: Classic 3D - Cindy Wood

  • Qualified Hunter: Root Beer Float - Mel Boucher

  • Jump Jockey Challenge: -

  • Field Hunter Challenge: Brutus - Lynn Evans

  • Best All Around Hunter: Classic 3D - Cindy Wood

  • Best Turned Out: Brutus - Lynn Evans

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107th Camden Hunt Horse Show
  • Open Hunter Champion: Root Beer Float- Mell Boucher
  • Reserve Champion: Karrats and Kisses- Mary Boucher

  • Green Hunter Champion: Terra Nova- Sydney Spears
  • Reserve Champion: Reoccurring Dream- Lindsay Cronin

  • Family Class Champion: Edwards/Rothel
  • Reserve Champion: Golden Opportunity- Mariah Hackney

  • Children's Adult Hunter Champion: Irish Fable- Savannah Hutto

  • Hilltoppers Champion: Starlight- Jace Sexton
  • Reserve Champion: Maranatha Wings- Karis Bennet/Templeton- Natalie Remle

  • Low Hunter Champion: Golden Opportunity- Mariah Hackney
    Reserve Champion: Caballero- Erin Lassiter

  • Handy Hunter Champion: Stinky- Nina Gowl

  • S.C. Clyburn Champion: Watching- Carol Stevens

  • Most Improved Junior: Eliza Edwards

  • Hunter Derby: Golden Opportunity- Mariah Hackney
  • Reserve Champion: Stinky- Nina Gowl
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105th Camden Hunt Horse Show
  • Most Improved Junior: Jacob Crotts

  • Family Class Champion: Kitty Farnell and daughter Mary Katherine Farnell

  • Children's Adult Hunter Champion: Larkin- Brooklyn Prescott

  • Tie for Reserve Champion:
    O'Reilly- Mary Katherine Farnell
    & Paradox- Boyce Myers

  • Schooling Hunter Champion: Moon Pie- Grace Smith

  • Reserve Champion: Emerald Mountain Tulip- Jacob Crotts

  • Low Hunter Champion: Affadavit- Boyce Myers

    Reserve Champion: Paradox- Boyce Myers

  • Hilltopper Hunter Champion: Paint the Town- Grace Piasecki

  • Reserve Champion: Bill- Robin Matority

  • Handy Hunter Champion: First Deputy- Marla Tupper

  • S.C. Clyburn Champion: Stinker- Nina Goul

  • Amateur Owner Champion: Brutus- Lynn Evans