Friends of Camden Hunt

Guidelines for all authorized equestrians including, but not limited to, trail riders and guests – to uphold while riding in Camden Hunt Country.

All equestrians will honor in this section and in all other such related guidelines the adherence to the rules and regulations rich in history and tradition of The Camden Hunt (TCH).

All such equestrians are subject to a high level of behavior standards coupled with common rules of equine etiquette while riding on privately held property governed by the Camden Hunt, whose staff is responsible in overseeing and ensuring capable supervision of maintaining the trails, jumps, and water crossings while cooperating with land owners’ management plans pertaining to timbering and saplings.


  1. All equestrians must have signed waivers on file with TCH.
  2. Those equestrians who do not ride in Hunt Country more than 3 times a year may ride as a non-member guest of a member. All guests must register at one of the two sign-in places detailed in item #10 and pay a fee of $20.00 (cash or check).
  3. All equestrians are to be aware of times of special events occurring. Hunting activities are scheduled for Wednesdays and Saturdays from September until mid-March (8:00 am until 1:00 pm). Hunt Country is closed to other riders during those times but re-opens at 2:00pm. Please check our website for special events.
  4. Careless riding is prohibited, as it may hinder others’ ability to control their horses.
  5. The following activities are prohibited: no smoking, no fires nor burning of any sort, no camping or overnights, no firearms, no littering, no motorized ATV/four wheelers. No hunting of any animals except activities by TCH. Please report suspect behavior to TCH.
  6. Dogs or other pets are NOT permitted in Hunt Country.
  7. All juniors must be accompanied by a member adult over 18 years.
  8. All guests must be accompanied by a member.
  9. Riders are advised to wear hard hats or riding helmets.
  10. Riders are advised to use identification for both rider and horse to assist in reuniting the two in the event of a fall/separation in the woods.
  11. All trailers are to enter Hunt Country at one of the following locations: at the Red Fox Road clubhouse property and the intersection at the North/South and East/West power lines.
  12. Equestrians riding in Hunt Country are to report any damages to trails or jumps to a Joint Master or the email address on our website:
  13. email:
  14. Equestrians are to refrain from riding too close to privately owned barns, houses, paddocks, dirt roads, and driveways. On accessible roads, always ride to the side to help prevent divots for cars.
  15. Equestrians are to comply with “Do Not Ride” signs posted in certain areas.
  16. Equestrians are to ride only on obvious trails and take care to avoid damaging new pine tree seedlings.
  17. A current negative Coggins is required for all horses ridden in Hunt Country.
  18. All Friends of Hunt Country are to carry an “Annual Riding Tag” when riding in Hunt Country.

Waivers and Coggins

Release waivers-must be signed and on file with the Camden Hunt. A negative Coggins is required for all horses ridden in hunt country.

Questions, concerns and reports of misuse of The Camden Hunt Country, please contact us. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

  • Annual Fee $240
  • Single Day Fee $10

Paying online below includes convenience fee.

You may also send a check to our mailing address: P.O. Box 2285 Camden, SC 29020.