We are pleased to bring you news of two very exciting developments.

First, Firestone-Thiel Land Foundation has just renewed its lease to us for five years which means, combined with the Lloyd Family property and that of General Julian Burns, your Camden Hunt has the extraordinary privilege of continued fox hunting on the vast and sacred lands we love and know as Camden Hunt Country.

Second, our Hunt Chairman Sue Sensor has this month completed a land transaction in which she personally gifted to the Firestone-Thiel Foundation 17.75 acres (valued at$337,300) which constitutes a “gateway” to Camden Hunt Country. In addition to this, is a second gift by Sue, her husband George and two other families of the adjacent 7.90 – acre parcel (valued at $150,100) which includes the Dale Thiel Riding Ring (Camden Hunt Show Grounds).

The above properties are included in the new 5-year lease by Firestone-Thiel Foundation and therefore will directly benefit your Camden Hunt. Our letter to you provides you with more information and includes beautiful photographs of these properties.

Facts You Should Know

Our website letter to you also provides you with the true and correct facts you should know regarding the lawsuit your Camden Hunt was forced to bring against five individuals who wrongfully attempted to seize control of the corporation in direct violation of the way Dale and Judy Thiel organized and endowed it in 2012. The Circuit Court has ruled, by court order, the actions of these five individuals were devoid of any legal authority and violated and interfered with the rights of the Masters of the Hunt as the lawful directors of the corporation.

In view of inaccurate and misleading information, we believe may have been circulated, we sincerely urge you to review the website letter in order to be fully informed about this matter.

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