About Us

Recognized by the Masters of Foxhound Association in 1926, we maintain a professional huntsman and a kennel with 20 to 25 couple crossbred English and American hounds.

Camden Hunt in open fields with electrical poles.

The Grounds

The terrain is a mix of lush swamps, hardwood forests, and mature pine woods. The footing is mostly sandy and very horse friendly. The area is part of the sand hills region of the Carolinas and has always been a favorite destination for horsemen of every equestrian discipline. Camden’s historical past, and its rich tradition of steeple chasing provide a backdrop of sporting elegance that harkens to an earlier time.

Hunt country is well paneled with Coops but horse and rider can go around each obstacle. There are two fields, the first which jumps, and the second flight which goes at a slower pace.

Game is abundant and consists of red and gray foxes as well as coyote. All are acceptable quarry under the guidelines of the MFHA, and each provides unique sport in a completely natural environment.

Camden Hunt hounds in field next to pine trees

The Hounds

Our hounds are primarily crossbred which is a combination of English and American hounds. They are bred for their nose, drive, and stamina and can press their quarry for hours when scenting conditions are at there best. It is not uncommon to view game several times on any given day. Although intense in the hunt field, the hounds are extremely biddable and have fared well on the boards at Hound Shows. We are fortunate to employ a professional huntsman. Her dedication and knowledge provide the foundation for a healthy pack of hard hunting hounds.

Camden Hunt member in foxhunting attire on horse with hounds

The People

The Joint Masters are responsible for all aspects of hunting inclusive of hounds, facilities, land, and fiscal demands. At their leisure, they are assisted by the Hunt Committee, Honorary Secretary and Social Chairman. The Hunt supports the Master of Foxhound Association and is dedicated to perpetuating the sport of fox hunting.

Masters of Foxhounds
Professional Huntsman
Honorary Whippers-In

Ms. Kendra Bohn
Miss Chloe Butcher
Ms. Pam Constantine
Ms. Salley McInerney
Ms. Susan Provanzano


Mr. Brent Rogers

Honorary Road Whippers-In

Ms. Berit Osworth
Mr. Louis Provenzano
Ms. Sue Sensor MFH
Ms. Holly Swartz
Mr. Booker Swindle

Honorary Fieldmasters

Ms. Amy Cantey, MFH
Ms. Lynn Evans
Ms. Sharon Jones
Ms. Cindy Wood
Ms. Jane Kirby


Mr. Richard Osworth MFH

Ready to Ride?

Our traditions ensure a great hunt for everyone.

By following our time-honored rituals you can partake in a little slice of history.