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Support your local foxhunting community and become a subscriber today!

Dues go towards regular maintenance and repair of the property including trails, jumps, and water crossings.

How to Join

1. Review our hunting guidelines.
2. Contact a Master for a subscription request or email

Subscription Categories

  • Occasional Rider $10

    Up to 5 times a year, $10 per ride

  • Friends of Hunt Country Annual Membership $260

    Unlimited riding in Hunt Country, may have individual guest join in the ride up to 5 times a year. Effective for one year from date of payment and signed release.

Annual Subscriptions by Invitation Only

  • Social: Non-Riding (Individual) $250

    Attend all social events including stirrup cups, breakfasts, and special social events.

  • Social: Riding (Couples) $400

    Attend all social events and ride unlimited in Hunt Country. For this season may cap at $50.00 per hunt with no limit. Subscription is limited to an individual and their spouse/companion.

  • Junior (Individual) $150

    19 or younger. Unlimited riding in Hunt Country, all regularly scheduled hunts (cubbing and season), and all social events.

  • Single Riding (Individual) $1525

    Unlimited riding in Hunt Country, all regularly scheduled hunts (cubbing and season), and all social events.

  • Family Riding $2100

    Family with children 19 years of age or younger (Junior Hunter). Unlimited riding in Hunt Country, all regularly scheduled hunts (cubbing and season), and all social events.

  • Capping Fee: Adult $50
  • Capping Fee: Junior $35

Special Subscriptions Approved by Masters

  • Barn / Riding Academy $500

    For a barn or academy that offer students or boarders access to hunt or to ride in Hunt Country. Attendees pay capping fee $50.00 for adults and $35 for minors. Allows for one supervisory rider, issued an annual TAG, with the same privileges as Single Riding Subscription. All other riders leaving the barn shall sign releases and join or participate based on the above Subscription categories with the barn facilitating the collection of fees and releases or require use of the web site for release and payment. Upon executing a junior program agreement, the barn is eligible for a $100 credit or payment for each sponsored junior hunter that completes the junior foxhunting program.

  • Junior Foxhunting Program Scholarship

    Upon application, sponsorship by a barn or riding academy and approval by the Masters, receives a scholarship towards their first year Junior Subscription. Agrees to participate in the Junior Foxhunting Program activities. Hunting privileges are equal to a regular Junior Subscriber.

  • Associate (Individual) $700

    A subscriber or member of another MFHA recognized hunt that plans to winter in our area and would like to hunt for the months January and February. Entitled to hunt 15 times.

Hunting Guidelines

A successful hunt starts with proper etiquette, responsibility, and safety. Review our guidelines to prepare yourself and guests.

All equestrians will honor in this section and in all other such related guidelines the adherence to the rules and regulations rich in history and tradition of The Camden Hunt (TCH).

All such equestrians are subject to a high level of behavior standards coupled with common rules of equine etiquette while riding on privately held property governed by the Camden Hunt, whose staff is responsible in overseeing and ensuring capable supervision of maintaining the trails, jumps, and water crossings while cooperating with land owners’ management plans pertaining to timbering and saplings.

Waivers & Coggins

Release waivers-must be signed and on file with the Camden Hunt. A negative Coggins is required for all horses ridden in hunt country.


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