105th Camden Hunt Horse Show

Most Improved Junior:
Jacob Crotts

Family Class Champion:
Kitty Farnell and daughter Mary Katherine Farnell

Children’s Adult Hunter Champion:
Larkin- Brooklyn Prescott

Tie for Reserve Champion:
O’Reilly- Mary Katherine Farnell & Paradox- Boyce Myers

Schooling Hunter Champion:
Moon Pie- Grace Smith

Reserve Champion:
Emerald Mountain Tulip- Jacob Crotts

Low Hunter Champion:
Affadavit- Boyce Myers

Reserve Champion:
Paradox- Boyce Myers

Hilltopper Hunter Champion:
Paint the Town- Grace Piasecki

Reserve Champion:
Bill- Robin Matority

Handy Hunter Champion:
First Deputy- Marla Tupper

S.C. Clyburn Champion:
Stinker- Nina Goul

Amateur Owner Champion:
Brutus- Lynn Evans