2023 Fall Hunter Pace Results

The Camden Hunt Fall 2023 Hunter Pace Sunday, October 8, 2023. Start Time: 8:00 a.m.
Division: First Flight
 PlaceTeam No.Riders 
 1st1010Greg Grzeszczak 
 2nd1040Nina Gowl, Sharon Jones, Steven Brewer Knotts and Jason Rusch 
 3rd1035Katherine Fanning, Susan O’Neill and Cindy Wood 
 4th940Cabell Clay, Courtney Kemmer and Courtney Milledge 
 5th805Lady Buck, Caitlynn King and Isabelle Lussier 
 6th935Siri Cortez and Hallie Geddings 
Division: Hilltopper
 PlaceTeam No.Riders 
 1st910Emma Kontir and Natasha Ready 
 2nd1015Kim Ferguson, Stephanie Hobbs and Taylor McDonald 
 3rd920Lynn Evans and Olivia Frazier 
 4th915Charlie Mobley and Meredith Mobley 
 5th800Kristen Schmucker and Jennifer Tyler 
 6th1045Marsha Hewitt and Bette Tedford